Client Testimonials

There is nothing that makes our job more worthwhile than hearing how our help has benefited the everyday lives of the children and families we work with. Here is a small selection of testimonials from those we have helped…

I can’t be more grateful for the service I’ve got from Abi. She has helped me to be where I am now and after nearly a year of talking to her I am in a far better place than I was, I love talking to Abi and I find Abi is easy to talk to. … Continue reading Ben, 15 years old

Ben, 15 years old

Abi has proven to be a highly astute professional with a charming and accessible manner with adolescents I have referred to her with a variety of mental health issues. She has become a trusted voice and an honest listener for these youngsters, enabling them to comprehend their difficulties, unpick their challenges and develop resilience for … Continue reading House Mistress, Local Boarding School

House Mistress, Local Boarding School

Asperger’s Syndrome (or what is now called High Functioning Autism) in a teenage girl can so easily be missed, and in our daughter’s case she was 17 when she first started to see Alex for anxiety and depression. During only the 2nd session, Alex started to put pieces of the puzzle together and 3 months later … Continue reading Mother of Child, 17

Mother of Child, 17

I suspect like all parents who are deciding on whether to get their child diagnosed, the process felt very daunting. We were referred to Alex and the team by another psychologist we had been seeing (and whom we greatly respect) so we knew we were in very good hands. The team made the process as … Continue reading Mother of daughter, 7

Mother of daughter, 7

Our son Harry was struggling with his day to day anxieties, after consulting our GP we realised it would be a long wait for a CAMHS appointment so decided to look at private options. After much research we contacted Alex and haven’t looked back!  At Harry’s sessions Alex works through coping strategies and achievable personal … Continue reading Mother of Harry, age 11

Mother of Harry, age 11

Alex has made amazing progress with my son. He obviously really trusts her for him to have come such a long way in a short space of time. Every session sees a difference, and I feel it has brought my son and I closer together. The EMDR therapy has lifted the weight off of my … Continue reading Mother of son, 11

Mother of son, 11

She is so much happier, is making friends well and feels much better within herself. After the initial shock and anxiety of beginning secondary school, she adjusted after the first week and feels in control of herself more. She is a different girl now and it is fantastic. Client of Samanta Echo

Parent of daughter, 12

I must say how proud we are of P, he really has come along in a huge way and we really must thank you so much for all of your help. He really has enjoyed his time with you, considering he didn’t want to do it!! He is happily a part of a small friendship group and … Continue reading Parent of P, 11

Parent of P, 11