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At The Orchard, we provide psychological therapy and services to children, young adolescents and their families in Hampshire and the surrounding area, with clinics located in Petersfield, Emsworth and Portsmouth.

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Abi has proven to be a highly astute professional with a charming and accessible manner with adolescents I have referred to her with a variety of mental health issues. She has become a trusted voice and an honest listener for these youngsters, enabling them to comprehend their difficulties, unpick their challenges and develop resilience for the future. She is both insightful and compassionate in dealing with parents, carers and her patients. I would recommend Abi before anyone else.

House Mistress, Local Boarding School

Asperger’s Syndrome (or what is now called High Functioning Autism) in a teenage girl can so easily be missed, and in our daughter’s case she was 17 when she first started to see Alex for anxiety and depression. During only the 2nd session, Alex started to put pieces of the puzzle together and 3 months later we are getting our head around a clinical diagnosis of Asperger’s. Our, and most importantly, our daughter’s understanding of why she is different to her friends will hopefully enable her to achieve her potential.

Mother of Child, 17