Cognitive Assessments

The clinical psychologists in the practice offer Cognitive Assessments for children aged 3-18 years.

What is a Cognitive Assessment?

Cognitive Assessments provide a detailed cognitive profile, helping to identify a child’s strengths and weaknesses across different aspects of intelligence (including verbal skills, non-verbal reasoning, working memory and processing speed abilities) and overall IQ details.

These can be particularly important to help identify children with specific learning difficulties, and ensure they are understood and appropriately supported to help them reach their academic potential in school. This assessment may also identify areas that may require further investigation by another professional (such as a speech and language therapist, occupational therapist or an educational psychologist).

Similarly these types of assessment can be useful for children of high intelligence/ gifted children, to help identify their needs in school and prevent boredom and subsequent misbehavior or social isolation.

What is involved in a Cognitive Assessment?

This type of assessment involves gathering background information and a developmental history from parents/carers and where appropriate, asking for information from a child or adolescent’s school.

We will then complete the assessment with the child (this can take up to 2 hours). It may be possible to complete the assessment in a single appointment or sometimes depending on the child’s age and level of concentration, it might need to be conducted over 2 appointments.

The results are then interpreted and a detailed report written outlining the findings and any recommendations. A feedback session is also offered to discuss the report so that its findings are clearly understood.

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