Our fees

At The Orchard Child Psychology Service, we offer a transparent and fixed pricing structure for the families we work with.

All fees will be discussed with you at the initial telephone consultation and will be regularly reviewed throughout your child’s treatment journey.

Initial Telephone Consultation – FREE
Upon receiving an initial query, we will contact you to agree a convenient time for an initial brief free telephone consultation. This will allow us to find out a bit more about the difficulties that have prompted you to get in contact with us and discuss how we can help. We will explain the appointment and answer any questions or concerns you may have. At the end of this phone call we can arrange an initial assessment appointment, if we both agree that this would be helpful.

Clinical Psychologist Fees

90 minute initial assessment – £180
This includes:

  • An initial discussion to gather relevant background and developmental history
  • An opportunity to get to know your child and put them at their ease
  • A thorough assessment of the difficulties
  • A collaborative plan for treatment

On occasion, one appointment is all that is needed to facilitate change and advise a way to move forward.

60 minute follow up session – £115

Please note we may charge for clinically related telephone, email and report/letter-writing. This will be discussed and advised prior to any work undertaken.

Cognitive Assessments – £750
This includes:

  • An initial discussion to gather relevant background and developmental history
  • The assessment with your child (approximately 2 hours)
  • A detailed written report including recommendations
  • One feedback session

Each Cognitive Assessment is tailored to the requirements of the child and will be discussed with you in detail prior to commencing. Find out more about our Cognitive Assessments.

Autistic Spectrum Disorder Assessment – Approx. £2,000 – £2,500
Find out more about how we can work with you for an Autistic Spectrum Disorder Assessment.

Child Counsellor Fees

80 minute initial meeting with parent/carer – £105
This includes:

  • A detailed discussion to gather information about the child’s history and difficulties
  • A collaborative plan for treatment

The child does not attend this meeting.

40-50 minute child session and follow up session with parent/carer- £80
Duration of the session is dependent on the individual child.

30 minute follow up session with parent/carer – £40


We accept payment by BACs, cheque or cash. We do not have the means to accept payment by debit or credit card. We also work with a number of major healthcare insurance companies. See our FAQs for more information on paying.

Cancelling your appointment

If you wish to cancel an appointment, 48 hrs (two working days) notice of cancellation needs to be given, once a session is booked, otherwise, the full cost of the session will be charged.